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I am always one to forget my headphones when I know I am going to ride the train. It is always something I remind myself while getting ready and once on the train whether it be the LIRR or the MTA, I never remember my headphones.

I am also one who gets and feels very awkward when someone stares at me for longer than just a glance. It’s some weird childhood unknown paranoia that I have. Yes, that means I don’t even like when family members or my boyfriend stares at me for too long. (Yes I know I’m weird).

Anyways, I wouldn’t say that most women choose to purposely look bad, especially when they know they are going out. So, yes I tend to look presentable when I go out or at least I try. This here must be my problem.

As a woman traveling alone you are already subjected to more stares than a woman who is with a group of friends or her boyfriend. But, does this mean I have to walk out looking like I am sleep deprived and haven’t showered for a month to not receive unwanted and constant stares.

Sometimes I would love to just yell out at people and scream “What are you looking at? Is there something on my face!!”. But in reality I just awkwardly look away and keep making awkward eye contact with people I catch staring at me.

Now this could be the other way around, maybe they think I am constantly staring at them. I will never know.

So this brings me to writing this post, I always (like most) whip out my phone when in awkward situations or just to keep from staring at other people when alone. Now I love people watching, except when they are watching back. So maybe this is nothing but my karma.

But at the end of the day, some men take it to far. It’s one thing to stare and another to verbally harass, or touch or make sounds at, etc. everyone woman in the world knows what I am talking about.

See if I had my headphones I would be concentrating more on the lyrics of my songs and my own thoughts rather than what is going on around me. I am convinced if I lived a solitary life that my own thoughts would consume me and drive me medically insane…

Well, back to my train ride to a wonderful dinner that awaits me.

Yours truly,
The girl who always forgets her headphones.